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Current Member List

The AutorgaphWeb
The AutographWeb was founded in 1996 to help collectors have a great place to start looking on the Internet for authentic autographs. Each dealer must include a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime money back guarantee with each item sold.

Sign Here...Autographs
Sign Here...Autographs, Your #1 source for authentic autographs on the Internet since 1994, is one of the Internet's longest standing all in-person autograph dealers. Sign Here...Autographs does not buy autographs from any other dealers as they feel that if they did they could not with out a doubt be able to guarantee with out a doubt that each item sold is 100% authentic. Sign Here...Autographs also includes, when available, photos of many celebrities signing with the purchase of an item.

Owned and operated by Sign Here...Autographs, is a great place to be able to find super autographed items at great prices. Auctions take place about once a month. Stop by now to register so you can join in on the fun when the next auction starts.

The as-webring is a free base for autograph-collectors

Ad Lib Resources Collectibles
We maintain a stock of items, but they go out as quickly as they come in. Since July of last year (1999), we've found over 500 requested Collectibles and tracked down just under 100 requested Custom Collectibles for people all over the world.

In-Person Autograph Example Guide
We are proud to add the In-Person Autograph example guide to our list. We salute anyone that not only displays authentic autographs, but also tries to educate the buyers.
We are the planets largest guide to authentic autographs! Over 3,600 autographs on over 950 celebrities all on one easy to use CD-Rom. Stop by to see screen shots and to order your copy now.

Sliver Screen Autographs
Dealers in vintage hollywood signed photos. We have about 1200 signed photos in my inventory. We have been in business 4 years & are registered dealers with the UACC.

Signatures Autographs of Distinction
We offer authentic autographed items from all fields, including film and sport. We are especially interested in offering autographed letters and other personal items for sale.

Legends in Time Memorabilia
Legends in Time Memorabilia is a full service company specializing in autographed memorabilia and movie props.

Autographquest is an England based company that deals in in-person autographs, mainly Star Wars.

All Sports Labels
We have never felt so strongly about a member before this one came along! Every Dealer should use these seals to ensure their clients of their items authenticity. All Sports Labels gives the buyer a piece of mind that they will be able to prove where the item came from in the case that the item needs to be returned!
We are a small family run business based in Cornwall in the UK and have been supplying autographs locally for years. We have always prided ourselves on giving all our customers both value for money as well as great customer service
You will not find thousands of autographed photos here of little known stars or common signers! We Strive to bring you only the best and most desirable modern celebrity autographs.

Legends Online

Four years of retailing signed pictures and other collectables through our store in Peterborough UK and more lately on the web.



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