Internet Autograph Dealers Association

Educating Sellers And Buyers!

One of the MAIN goals of The IADA is to educate not only buyers but sellers, The sad truth to it is the majority of "dealers" have never once met over 90% of the celebrities that they sell the autographs of. How do they get autographs then? Well, let's hope that they are not forging it them self. Many of these dealers buy from what they think are trusted sources. The truth of the matter is that their suppliers are either the forgers or getting items from the forgers. In MOST Cases the dealers that sell the most bad items do not know that the items they are selling are fake as they TRUST their sources.

We are here to let them know that they may not want to trust everyone! We will also be working with law enforcement agencies to help catch the forgers putting items on the market!




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