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The IADA Code Of Ethics / Guidelines are simple. All we require is that any dealer/seller not knowingly sell any autographed item that is not authentic. If The IADA questions any material as not authentic we require, to remain a member in good standing, that the questionable item(s) be removed at once from sale, if adequate proof can be provided of its authenticity that item may be added back to sale.

The IADA wishes not only to try and eliminate the sale of fraudulent autographs, but to educate the sellers of autographs that do not even realize that the autographs they are selling are not authentic. If The IADA tries to educate a seller of autographs that the autographs they they are selling are not authentic, and they do not stop selling the autographs in question at once The IADA reserves the right to inform other dealers and collectors of this.

When possible we also recommend that members supply the buyer information as to where the item was obtained.

We don't feel that there should be a charge to promote a dealer that is selling authentic autographs, no one will ever be able to buy their way in to becoming a member of The Internet Autograph Dealers Association, unlike other organizations.

At this time we feel that we would prefer to keep these guidelines simple but do reserve the right to update these Code of Ethics / Guidelines accordingly at any time.




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