Internet Autograph Dealers Association



To become an IADA approved dealer each business must submit an application to the IADA.
On this application each business agrees to have their company investigated by IADA's panel of
Expert dealers and collectors. Here you will find out any information on a company that we
feel is needed to be printed for the collecters to see.

Beware of the Following dealers and sellers.
Reasons are listed with each.

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BEWARE of Autographs R Us at autographmovieposter(dot)com

These folks CLAIM to be members of and ARE NOT! We have
also learned they are NOT Approved Members!

Also by looking at the inventory they are offering, We would
warn you to RUN don't walk away from these crooks!


*The IADA Will not be held responsible for findings of our investigations. We in every case will try to inform the dealer why they are about to be placed on the
IADA's Beware list and attempt to clear up any misunderstandings. If a dealer is not willing to cooperate they will automaticly be placed on this list.


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